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20 August 2017
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Crack under pressure – mitigating environmental stress damage
Environmental stress cracking is a huge issue for medical device manufacturers. It can affect any device containing polymers, especially those that will be implanted in the body or need to be heavily disinfected. What are manufacturers doing to mitigate the problem, and what can other industry stakeholders do to help? Abi Millar speaks to Professor James Runt of Pennsylvania State University to find out how this issue can be resolved.

Bionic human – the evolution of 3D-printed medical devices
From stretchable electronics compatible with human skin to functioning ears, there seems to be no end in sight for 3D-printed medical devices. With technology progressing at a dizzying pace, Michael McAlpine, associate professor of engineering at the University of Minnesota, tells Bradford Keen how to regenerate nerves, the importance of biocompatibility, the need for high-speed, plug-and-play 3D medical printers, and what this could mean for manufacturers.

Coating against bacterial colonisation – toward a safer hospital environment
Media panics around superbugs and hospital infections are nothing new, but what is the true extent of the problem, and how is the medical device industry working to solve this issue? Sophie Peacock speaks to Dave Hampton of Camstent about how developing new products is paving the way for a safer hospital environment.

Complete unknown – the potential impact of Brexit
As Article 50 is triggered, Dr Gabriel Adusei discusses the challenges and benefits that the medical device industry in Europe, the US and, of course, the UK will face when Brexit comes to fruition. Will there be less or more regulatory burden on manufacturers, and what are the best ways to approach the forthcoming changes in the ways your company will trade?

Press ‘print’ – the 3D printing revolution
Additive manufacturing – also known as 3D printing – is one of those rare technologies that has transformed an entire industry. Using a digital template, the technique makes it possible to create an object of almost any shape by adding successive layers of material. Kim Thomas speaks to Lewis Mullen, manager in advanced technology at Stryker, about how the technology is changing as it becomes mainstream.

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