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24 June 2017
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Crack under pressure – mitigating environmental stress damage
Environmental stress cracking is a huge issue for medical device manufacturers. It can affect any device containing polymers, especially those that will be implanted in the body or need to be heavily disinfected. What are manufacturers doing to mitigate the problem, and what can other industry stakeholders do to help? Abi Millar speaks to Professor James Runt of Pennsylvania State University to find out how this issue can be resolved.

Hospital hackers – mitigating hospital cybersecurity risks
Patient safety is only the beginning of the cybersecurity hazards posed by medical internet-of-things devices. Steve Abrahamson, GE Healthcare’s senior director for product cybersecurity, talks to Eleanor Wilson about the risks of legacy products and the need for open collaboration.

Major laser – the miniaturisation of the machining process
As the demand for miniaturised parts continues to strengthen across the medical sector, lasers have assumed a pivotal role in the machining process. Greg Noone talks to Professor Duncan Hand, director of the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council Centre for Innovative Manufacturing in Laser-Based Production, about the current state of the field.

Sterilant showdown – sterilisation speed and safety
The use of peracetic acid, ethylene oxide and other low-temperature steam-sterilisation techniques could benefit high-volume sterilisation of medical devices. But the problems of steam sterilisation are many, and it’s is often regarded as a challenging endeavour. Medical Device Developments explores several industry techniques being trialled, and how they could improve the speed and safety of sterilisation, particularly with endoscopic tools.

Hit the mark – the process of laser marking
What benefits will the spread of laser marking bring to medical device manufacturers? Medical Device Developments looks into how the process can aid the industry in providing better traceability for its products, and the ways in which manufacturers can use the process to ensure safety and security are easily achieved. Andrew Putwain speaks to Professor Peter Ogrodnik from Keele University, who has written about laser marking’s effect on medical devices, how the process works and what manufacturers need to know.

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