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22 September 2019
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Fantastic voyage
Tiny robots travelling around inside the human body with a degree of autonomy, capturing images and helping with diagnosis; like so much of modern medicine, what was fantastical science fiction only a few decades ago is now a fast-approaching reality. Tim Gunn talks to mechanical engineer Dr Mark Rentschler, from the University of Colorado Boulder, about his work on robotic endoscopies.

The ins and outs
For medical devices, Brexit is coming at an inopportune time, says GlobalData. EU directives are currently transitioning to a new Medical Devices Regulation and In Vitro Diagnostic Regulation, which are already having a profound impact on the medical devices industry and on the availability of medical devices to EU citizens.

Expand and contract
The contract manufacturing landscape has dramatically shifted in recent years, with a wave of consolidation among OEMs and contract manufacturing organisations (CMOs). As larger CMOs become the new normal, what are the implications for the industry as a whole? Elan Nat, associate director of the healthcare group at S&P Global, offers an insight following research the ratings company has conducted into this fast-paced sector.

Behind the eye of the beholder
Last year, retinal implant company Bionic Vision Technologies raised $18 million to develop and commercialise its bionic eye, and it is using the new funds to begin a human clinical trial of its implant in patients with retinitis pigmentosa. Abi Millar talks to Julie Anne Quinn, the CEO of the company, to find out more about its retinal devices and its plans to bring them to global markets.

See the light
The fibre laser has the almost magical ability to write like an invisible pen, with a tiny stream of photonic ink, directly onto almost any product or material, without physical contact or the need for consumables. This has led to its widespread and rapid adoption across a broad spectrum of different industries worldwide. Dave Clark, the director of marketing at IPG Photonics, explains why the time could now be here for its introduction into the medical device manufacturing market.

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