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22 February 2017
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Proto Labs - Real parts. Really fast.

The Canton of Obwalden - Your location in the heart of Switzerland

Knudsen Plast - Injection moulding for healthcare

Ginolis - Assembly automation and liquid handling solutions

KMC Systems - Engineering, design and contract manufacturing services


Innovation in endoscopy - technological trends in visualisation
Thanks to new technologies, the world of classic endoscopy is seeing significant changes, opening the doors for related medical-device and system providers to step into the market. Dr Claas Müller reveals the latest technological trends in endoscopy and how related businesses can move into the lucrative market for visualisation.

Model-based design
Paul Jones, from the Office of Science and Engineering Laboratory CDRH, at FDA and David Hoadley, PhD, from The MathWorks, Inc., explore the applicability of model-based design quality metrics to medical device software.

Cast out the old – revolutionary printed plastic supports
Students in Mexico have printed plastic supports for broken limbs that are breathable, able to prevent infection and ulcers, and ten times lighter than plaster casts. Designer Zaid Badwan explains the conception, development and manufacturing process behind this potentially revolutionary technique.

Protecting endpoint security of medical systems
Protecting networks when accessed by remote devices such as laptops, or other wireless and mobile devices, is now a priority for medical device operators and manufacturers. Oliver Winzenried, CEO and co-founder of Wibu-Systems, explains the risk and rewards of endpoint security.

Active and intelligent – the smart packaging revolution
Smart packaging is revolutionising medical devices. With technology allowing communication between devices and software, patients, doctors and manufacturers are all set to benefit. Bradford Keen speaks to Dr Javier de la Fuente, assistant professor at the Orfalea College of Business at California Polytechnic State University, and Steve Bagshaw, business development manager at the Centre for Process Innovation, about how intelligent packaging holds the power to affect real change in patients’ lives.

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